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25N. International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women ✊ #ThePresentIsFeminist | Ajuntament de Barcelona 

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Let’s put an end to male violence NOW! It is through the collective struggle that we have been able to identify the forms that violence takes. We have broken the silence and we have raised our voices in order to empower and project ourselves with hope in a future free from prejudice and stereotypes, based on free and respectful relationships.

We are already paving the way for this future, and it is for this reason that today we want to focus on the Barcelona of the present, a combatant city that is working together, which is reinventing itself, which rejects all forms of male chauvinism, which it faces head on.

And also for this reason, this year, we bring to the table the need to join forces in order to achieve our goal, and we address the other half of society, the men, with the conviction that only by building new models of masculinity will we be able to fully enjoy this feminist present. Now is the time to dismantle the complicities that legitimise violence, to challenge male chauvinist attitudes, to speak out against injustices and dare to say what we think. When confronted with male violence, say what you think: now is the time to step in, not tomorrow. Because long before the future, the present is feminist.

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